Friday, July 25, 2014


Kagabi habang naghahanap ako ng info's sa site ng Ministry of Employment and Labor ng Korea tungkol sa labor law on 2014 salary on small and medium companies, pero ito ang bumulagta sa search ko.

Ang proposed minimum wage for 2015.

Paalala lang po, ito ay proposal palang at hindi pa naaprove.

Ang approval nito ay August 5, 2014. Kaya antay antay nalang tayo.

Kung matutuloy ito ay magandang balita.

Ito ang kabuuan ng artikulo.

"Minimum Wage Council passes proposal to raise minimum wage by 7.1% to 5,580 won per hour in 2015"

Jun. 27, 2014After marathon negotiations lasting until 5:00 a.m. on June 27th at its seventh plenary session, the Minimum Wage Council (Chairman Park Jun-sung) passed a proposal to raise the minimum wage to 5,580 won an hour in 2015.This represents an increase of 370 won or 7.1% from the minimum wage of 5,210 won an hour in 2014.It translates to a monthly salary of 1,166,220 won for people who work 40 hours a week or 209 hours a month including paid weekly holidays.In determining the level of minimum wage (proposal) this time, the Minimum Wage Council gave priority consideration to improving income distribution for minimum wage workers and stabilizing their livelihoods.During deliberation, there was a huge difference of opinion between the worker councilors and employer councilors with the former demanding an hourly rate of 6,700 won (28.6% increase from the previous year) and the latter demanding an hourly rate of 5,210 won (the same as the previous year).The deliberation process was deadlocked as labor and management failed to submit their revised proposals even after several plenary sessions. Although they came up with revised proposals four times at the sixth and seventh plenary sessions held on June 26th and June 27th, respectively, there was still a big gap to be bridged.At 4:30 a.m on June 27th the public interest councilors proposed a range of minimum wages at the request of both labor and management, but a minimum wage proposal the Council could vote on did not emerge due to a difference of opinion between labor and management.However, at 5:00 on June 27th a proposal to raise the minimum wage to 5,580 won an hour in 2015, which was put forth by the public interest councilors at the request of labor and management, was finally put to a vote and passed by the Council.Park Jun-sung, the chairman of the Minimum Wage Council, said that the level of minimum wage determined this time took account of the collectively agreed pay rise reflecting the wage levels of similar workers, the increase in labor's share of national income and so on.All of the 27 councilors participated in the vote, and the minimum wage (proposal) was passed with 9 public interest councilors and 9 worker councilors in favor and 9 employer councilors abstaining. This was the first time the Council had met the statutory deadline since it determined the minimum wage (proposal) for 2009 on June 27th, 2008.The Minimum Wage Council will submit the minimum wage proposal to the Minister of Employment and Labor. Upon receiving the proposal, the Minister will immediately announce it and give workers' and employers' representatives at least ten days to raise an objection. And then he will determine and announce the final minimum wage for 2015 by August 5th, 2014.


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