Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Nagkagulo na naman ang mga EPS workers dahil sa magandang balita na nakarating kani-kanina lang.

Medyo disappointed ang labor groups dahil medyo mataas ang hinihingi nilang dagdag - 10,000 won per hour pero ang naapproved ay 6,030 won per hour, pero sa atin na mga Pinoy EPS workers ay mataas na rin naman siguro ito at malaking bagay na para sa atin.

Kung gusto mong mabasa ang kabuuang report, ito ang nakasaad sa 

Announced Wednesday the South Korean Government Next year's minimum wage at 6 030 won ($ 5.14) per hour, up 8.1 percent from this year - grow at high rate from the ongoing opposition Labor unions and Management -. Vowing to strengthen the Enforcement to Prevent Fallout The hourly wage of 6030 won forty-eight thousand two hundred and forty translates to a Day won and 1.26 million won a month for Those who work eight hours a Day. The Government said the raise will Affect Pay an Estimated 3.42 million people, which makes up 18.2 percent of all the salaried Workers in the nation.


Last month, Employers, employees and Labor Experts of the Minimum Wage Council agreed to raise the minimum wage Next year by 8.1 percent from the current 5,580 won, the highest Increase Since 2008. The Government confirmed the plan grow at high rate Both Vocal opposition from the Labor and . Management blocs The Nation's Largest TRADE two unions - the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Korean Trade Unions - Filed an Appeal to the Labor Ministry, claiming it is not enough to Boost low-Income earners' Quality of Life. the Employers' Representatives, for Their Part, Also Objections raised, Asking the Ministry to reconsider the "DRASTIC" that could hike Deal a Blow to Small and medium-sized companies. The Labor Ministry, however, refused to Accept Their pleas, pushing for the hike Proposed by the Minimum Wage Council. The Council agreed to stipulate hourly and monthly Wages Also in the employment contract to endorse Workers' rights to be paid for a Day off work when Working 40 hours a week. Currently, Only Wages are written hourly in the contract, which Labor Experts and laborers in the Council as SAW Encouraging Employers to Dodge Obligations to Give STAFF members paid legal holidays. In response to concerns over the Growing Number of Workers here underpaid, the Government vowed to ramp up Crackdown on ITS Businesses Failing to Pay Their STAFF the minimum wage. It Plans to impose a Financial Penalty on lawbreakers on the Spot to more effectively induce them to Abide by the Law. The relevant Bill is held up at the National Assembly, it said. Nearly 15 percent of salaried Workers in South Korea are paid the legal minimum wage or less as of 2013, the highest rate among OECD Member countries, According to a Recent Study. The Labor unions have lashed out at the Government for ITS Poor Enforcement of the Law. Talks among Labor, Management and Experts Several Times collapsed Due to continued clashes over the extent of the hike, June 29 Failing to meet a legal deadline. The negotiations came to an end on July 9, when employers and labor experts put to vote the increase plan. The Labor Representatives in the Council boycotted the vote in Protest. The Labor unions INITIALLY demanded a 79 percent Rise to 10,000 won, arguing that the hike would curb the Nation's Income inequality and Spur Consumer spending. Business Leaders, on the Other hand, campaigned for a FREEZE, Citing possible and Job Losses Soaring Production costs, especially for smaller companies. Since the Government Adopted the minimum wage in 1989, the Minimum Wage Council has SET discussion through the minimum wage.This year, the discussion began in Early June. By Ock Hyun-ju ( )


I still hope din na sana with this increase, ay may increase din sa magiging savings ng bawat Pinoy na makakaavail ng increase na ito.

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